What's Wrong with Reflective Practice? - and how can we do it differently?

Dr Jo Trelfa | 1st July | Poole

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A two-day workshop facilitated by Dr Jo Trelfa is for professionals and students in health, social care, or education, and students.

This two-day workshop facilitated by Dr Jo Trelfa is for professionals in health, social care, or education, and students in those professions, who are involved with reflective practice as part of their work, training, teaching, or course:

  • Have you been asked to or are you required to engage in reflective practice as part of your professional role or student work? Or perhaps you teach reflective practice to students/trainees?
  • Do you find your (or your students/trainees) reflective practice becomes boring, manufactured and managed? Do you find yourself questioning what is the point but go through the motions without connection to its roots?
  • Or perhaps you engage happily but would like time to dig in deeper to develop a richer landscape of understanding about the literature behind reflective practice and ways to carry it out?
    If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop will be of interest to you!

Over the two days, we will understand the roots of reflective practice as well as critique, limitations, and engage in ways forward. It will build from and on knowledge of reflective practice in the group, and draw on Jo’s three-year primary research into the area and her doctoral work on how to engage in reflective practice differently. The workshop weaves practice and theory such that participants will be able to apply it in practical and informed ways to their own professional practice.

Workshop dates


  • Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July 2022, 10am - 4pm BST. Click here to book. 

Meet Dr Jo Trelfa

As the Iron Mill College's Principal, Jo’s role includes facilitating, enhancing and developing the excellent standards, practices and opportunities at Iron Mill College.

During 30 years' experience from private practice, the third sector and statutory mental health and social care services, as well as Higher Education, her focus has been working with teams, individuals, groups and communities to build capacity and praxis.

This has included, for example, designing and managing services and programmes; co-authoring, designing, delivering and overseeing national and international training programmes (domestic violence; supervision); and, working in areas related to human rights in the Global North and South.

In Higher Education (England) Jo has held various academic and leadership roles with responsibility for the next generation of social professionals (undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional CPD) as well as in professional (teaching) development, standards and quality.

Her approach is always to: support; maintain momentum, energies and motivate; enable change; and, invite innovation. This is underpinned by values of social justice and collaboration, showing up in her explorations and practice of creative, democratic and collaborative models of, and approaches to, practice, teaching, management, and leadership.

Jo’s research areas in which she has over 20 publications and speaks at conferences (e.g. UK, Alaska, Japan, Slovenia, and Iceland) are in reflective practice, specifically critiquing reflection-on-action and focusing on reflection-in-action, as well as contemplative pedagogies in adult education, and ‘kind leadership’.

Qualifications: PhD ('Facilitating reflective practice in higher education professional programmes: reclaiming and redefining the practices of reflective practice'); M.Ed Professional Development (dist); PGDip in Applied Social Studies; CQSW (psychodynamic); B.Ed (Hons); SFHEA; and previously qualified in Core Process Psychotherapy.

How much will it cost?

  • General Admission - £150.00
  • IMC Student / Graduate Ticket - £135.00 

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