The Neuroscience of Early Relational Trauma

Dr Briony Nicholls | 21st May | Exeter

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Throughout the history of psychotherapy and counselling researchers have looked for explanations and descriptions in neuroscience that correlate with our experiences of clients and of ourselves.

We are now in a position to use that research to inform our thinking about our professional practice. 

Our brains are designed to adapt to challenges of our environment, to help us survive. Its structures develop and are shaped through attachment and in relationship with others. In this workshop, we will investigate what happens to the brain when early nurturing and attunement are less than optimal, and in the context of early relational trauma.

We will look at:

  • The developing brain, and how it can be shaped by experience – both good and bad
  • Neural networks, and their link to learning and to relational patterns
  • The so-called ‘Social brain’, which helps mediate our relationships with others, and how that may be affected by relational experiences
  • The content of the workshop will be presentations and discussions, with plenty of time to discuss the ideas being presented, and to relate them to participants’ clinical experiences

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How much does it cost?

  • General Admission - £75.00
  • IMC Student / Graduates - £60.00
  • CPD Free Spaces for Students - x 6 - please check availability when booking or email to be added onto the waiting list


  • To help understand how early relational processes have such a profound effect on us in later life
  • To start to bridge the gap between neuroscience research and clinical practice with clients.

Workshop date

  • Saturday 21st May 2022, 9:30am - 5pm BST

Key Benefits

You will interact with and gain understanding of basic developmental processes in the brain, and how they can shape our perspectives and interactions throughout life.

Meet the tutor!

Dr Briony Nicholls is a psychotherapist and supervisor in Oxford, and the lead tutor on the Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy courses at Iron Mill College, Exeter, UK. Before her psychotherapy training, she was a researcher in neuroscience and psychopharmacology, then a medical writer, specialising in neurology and psychiatry.

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